About Us

Yaran Group Companies

Based in Iran, Yaran Group engages in diverse industries in different parts of the world. The Group has ventured in the manufacturing industry, the trading industry, real estate industry, architecture and interior design, and the retail industry. It is among the top companies that have successfully diversified in a range of industries in Iran. With over 4000 employees currently employed, Yaran Group has constantly expanded its operations to accommodate the big clientele base that is rapidly increasing.

The Group aims at excelling in all its endeavours and this has been made possible through the management of the highly experienced, smart, and innovative individuals, Tahsili and Aboie, founders of the Yaran Group. Their collaborative efforts, high experience in international trade combined with the Group’s OFAC license from the US treasury have earned the Group a competitive advantage in the global markets. Currently, they are all set to introduce and promote international brands for two of their ready commercial properties located in Tehran and Mazandaran which are the most populated and prestigious cities in Iran. Visionary, innovators and believers in game-changing businesses of the future, Mr. Tahsili, and Mr. Aboie are well-known for challenging conventional wisdom and spotting opportunities quickly.