CEO Message

As I reflect on its growth over the years, I am delighted by its achievements and am very proud and optimistic for an equally promising future. Yaran Group of Companies has transitioned from a local Iranian start up to be a reputed company carrying out operations all over the world along with earning clients’ loyalty along the way.

It is of great satisfaction to know that we are able to meet its clients’ needs. We use customer satisfaction as a benchmark by which we evaluate as well as measure its performance, and we strive at ensuring that its products are of high standards of quality.

In this era of ever-changing market dynamics, clients are informed more than ever before about their options for their solutions providers. Even so, the clients continue selecting Yaran Group of Companies as their favorite partner of choice. This can be attributed to its work ethics, experience, integrity, and commitment to quality.

As I look at the success of Yaran Group, I always return to three fundamental basics that have helped us be who we are today;

Talented workforce. Among its crucial assets is the diverse, committed, and highly qualified staff. They are the core of what we have become today. From its talented management team in the top management level to its junior staff, we are all committed to ensuring the highest quality of products and the provision of satisfactory services to its clients.

Collaborative nature. As we continue to expand each and every day, we continue encouraging collaborative efforts. This is a major milestone that leads to increased opportunities and serves as a platform for improving upon the past. We are committed to establishing in-depth relationships with its partners and clients by associating with them, learning their environments, goals, and challenges first hand so we can be able to offer the best solutions.

Not forgetting its business ethics and moral standards, we always ensure integrity, honesty and trust are part of its day to day operations. I congratulate all its staff for holding a high level of good morals that has been a pillar to its company.

Thanking you,